About Me…

My name is Jake Turner, and welcome to my corner of the world wide web.

I’m lucky enough to live in Wiltshire, which is arguably one of the most under photographed counties in England; This gives me lots of scope to create fresh images that have not already been seen by the masses. I’m also perfectly situated to visit multiple National Parks and areas of Outstanding National Beauty. It’s true that we might not have snow-capped peaks or natural lakes, but the rolling hills and downs are equally stunning in their own right.

I spend my weekdays working for a surfacing contractor in the ever expanding construction industry, daydreaming of distant hills and misty mornings. My true passion lies in the landscape of the UK and further afield. Since leaving school in 2008 I’ve had an on/off relationship with photography always enjoying taking photos of nature on my compact camera. I decided to buy my first DSLR in 2011. As an avid member of a car owners club I wanted to take better photos of my pride and joy. I took the odd photo here and there, barely coming away from the auto settings, with a camera gathering dust in the corner of the room. In 2013 I decided this had to change! My New Year’s Resolution was to take a photograph a day for the entire year. The fire was lit and my passion has been growing ever since, quickly overtaking the passion I had for car owner’s clubs.

I have always found myself enjoying the great outdoors, being at one with nature, or spending some time in the manmade metropolises that surround us in our day to day lives. This became an obvious path in my photographic journey and I spend a good portion of my free time in the landscape. I love photographing golden light and have a fondness for a misty morning, which you will see when browsing my galleries. More recently I am working on new subjects.As well as my golden light imagery I am learning new paths in more intimate landscapes.

I love to travel and combining this with photography is one of my favourite things. You will find an entire gallery dedicated to images I have taken around the globe, and it is an area I’m hoping to expand rapidly.

Awards & Achievements

  • Commended in Landscape Photographer of the Year Collection 10

  • Commended in Landscape Photographer of the Year Collection 11

  • Highly Commended in British Wildlife Photography Awards Collection 8

  • Commended in International Garden Photographer of the Year Collection 11


My Current Camera Gear

  • Sony a7R III

  • Sony 24-105mm f4 G

  • Sony RX100

  • Lee Big & Little Stoppers

  • Lee Soft & Hard Graduated Filters

  • Lee Landscape Polariser

  • FLM CP26-M4S Carbon Fibre Tripod

  • Uniqball UBH35 Ball Head

  • Manfrotto Befree Travel Tripod