New Year, New Website

I started off 2019 with a resolution to commit more time to photography. Having spent the past 2 years in the depths of DIY, photography regrettably took a backseat. Now the worst is out of the way I’m excited to be back into photography with a bang. I have already had a few trips out this year, including a long weekend in Snowdonia with some friends. Next on my list was a website overhaul…

My previous website, which you may or may not have seen, was hosted with Wordpress and involved an awful lot of work to get looking somewhat acceptable. The main problem I had though was the speed, everything took an age and friends reported long load times for post pages. My web design knowledge is incredibly slim, so I decided I needed to find a better way of working it, either by redoing the entire site or moving to one of the hosted template sites out there.

My first website was hosted with Zenfolio, and whilst a good hosting template, it wasn’t as customisable as I wanted - my main reason for building my own with Wordpress. Having watched a few of Thomas Heatons “vlogs” over the past months I had heard him offering a code to try SquareSpace. With a 14 day free trial available I decided to give it a go, and with a tweet asking for some advice I was kindly given some handy pointers from Euan Ross.

It’s taken me just over a fortnight to build this site using their templates (this one is called Brine - if you’re interested) and upload all of my content. It is very intuitive to use and seems to work very quickly. Time will tell how I get on with this platform going forward, but on first impressions I am very happy with the change.

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